Monday, September 01, 2008

Value Bets

Random Shuffle takes Brother Ed to task again. This time for screwing up an important point about value betting.
Today's installment is entitled, "Why do so many of Ed's examples suck so bad?"

The crime scene (emphasis mine):

Someone open raises and a player in the blinds calls. The flop comes J85. The blind checks, the raiser c-bets 3/4 pot, and the blind calls. The turn is a 2. The blind checks, and the raiser checks. The river is a K. The blind checks, and the raiser checks. The blind shows A8, and the raiser wins with QJ.

This is from a post on value betting the river.

Random Shuffle then goes on to point out that in Ed's example the hero missed a more important bet on the turn. Go ahead and read the whole post.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to point out that turn bets are often very important bets.


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